Too often I hear collectors Kung-Fu fighting with their customers. Each side hitting the other with verbal reasons about paying and not paying. Often it degenerates into nasty arguments and terminated calls. Some collectors will say, “Well, I taught him a lesson.” The problem is that collectors aren’t paid to teach lessons.  They are paid to collect money and help customers out of negative situations.

So, I try to avoid Kung-Fu and instead use Tai Chi and Judo. These techniques are quick and easy and they have helped me collect money. I will share six debtor situations that work well with Tai Chi and Judo.

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Customer as a Friend

My first job was to be a Customer Service agent at a cellular phone service company. I remember during my induction training, the CS trainer told us how important it was to treat customers friendly, nicely, and delightfully. And I didn’t disagree with all that. The 2-week training ended with a song about how great we treat our customers. I was sold.

Then I was assigned to the Bill Collections department.

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