Presentation Skills training


Presentation Skills training

In the Asian school system, most students are taught to listen and copy. They do this in order to pass exams. Little emphasis is placed on presentation skills. But when we leave the school system and start a ‘real job’ most of the focus on-the-job is presentation skills.

We need skills to present our ideas. To present to a team. To present to peers and superiors? And, to sell! But most Asians are ill-equipped to do these important tasks well. Yet it will severely impact their chances for future promotions.

In this program we share a simple presentation model and body language tips to make you an effective presenter. It’s not hard, but you just need the basics followed by practice, practice, practice. You will have plenty of practice (video-recorded) in this training. We want you to succeed because no one likes to sit through a poor presentation, including us.

Our programs include:

All our programs will be customized to your unique environment.  If you would like more detail on any of these programs, please email us at or call +60 12 2000 998.

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