• ServiceWinners International Sdn. Bhd, founded in 2003, is a service & communication skills training provider. Based in Malaysia, we are ready to travel the world to deliver our programs. Our training has taken us to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, Cyprus, India, Afghanistan, and the U.S. We are an HRDF certified training provider.
  • Our training programs include service mindset, retail selling skills, debt collections, telesales, customer service, supervisory skills, business writing, job interviewing, and other areas. EACH learning program is customized to your unique needs.
  • With our proven team, we can address service & communication skill gaps in your staff.

The Team

Steve Coyle

  • Steve is from Seattle and has lived in Malaysia since 1995. He is a Malaysian permanent resident. He is an HRDF approved trainer. Prior to founding ServiceWinners, he worked in the banking, telecommunications, & education fields. Past employers include:
    • CIT Equipment Finance (Alaska branch)
    • Verizon Wireless (USA)
    • Maxis Mobile (Malaysia).
  • Additionally, he was a teacher for two years in Poland (1 year secondary / 1  year college). He has lived and worked in 40+ countries which allows him to adapt to most any culture.
  • He has an MBA from Gonzaga University (U.S.A.) and a Masters in Education- Instructional Technology (Malaysia). He is a Certified Credit Executive (USA) and a Certified Financial Collections Professional (Canada). He is a certified English as a Second Language teacher (International House, UK).
  • Steve is the author of the new book Good Boss, Better Boss: Practical Leadership Models for Post-Covid Success’. Print and Kindle versions are available at Amazon. His other book is ‘Debt Collections: Stir-Fried or Deep-Fried?’ both print and Kindle versions also available at Amazon.com.

Feel free to drop him at line at:  steve@servicewinners.com or +60 12 2000 998 (mobile)

Jude Louis

  • Jude is a Senior Consultant. He is from Ipoh, Malaysia. His experience was gained in the consulting and IT industries. Jude has a B.S. Mathematics and a Masters in Education- Instructional Technology (Malaysia). He is a keen instructional designer. He is HRDF approved.

Dr. Sasheedran Raman, DBA

  • Dr. Sashee is a Senior Consultant. He is also from Ipoh. His work experience was gained in the telco, manufacturing, and training industries. He is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time-Line Therapy. He has an MBA in Marketing and a Doctorate of Business Administration (UK). He is HRDF approved.

Albert Khoo                                                                                                                                                      Albert Khoo ServiceWinners

  • Albert is a Senior Consultant. He is from Malacca, Malaysia. His work experience is in the Customer Experience, Sales, and Banking realms. He has worked at numerous banks in senior positions in Malaysia. His knowledge and senior management experience has proven vital in our past projects. He is an expert in leadership  development. Albert has a degree in Economics (Malaysia) and a diploma of banking from Bank Negara’s arm: IBBM (now called Asian Banking School).